Precision–Another principal of Joseph Pilates. Precision can be defined as the state or quality of being carefully distinct. As a Pilates instructor, my eyes are continually looking for precise articulation of the spine, the precise fluidity of limbs, the precise alignment of the shoulders, the pelvis, the knees, the entire body etc. Precision takes practice and is challenged by muscular imbalances and weaknesses–which we will have as athletes, fit gurus, weekly warriors or newbies to the fitness world. Consider yourself normal if you fall into a category of being “imbalanced” physically–it’s a very popular club to be a part of (can you catch my imbalance in the picture to the left?) Now, how do you find your balance? How do you acheive precision? Continue reading


Back to school–back in the groove–back to schedules and routines. What a wonderful time to implement fitness back into your routine or take it up a knotch. This is my plan–and now it is time to organize! With Mommy tasks and roles on the rise with each grade level, organizing time for “me” to stay well and balanced is important, but tricky. It is time to “think” and brainstorm an efficient plan! Continue reading