Awareness The first of ten principles cited in the writings and teachings of Joseph Pilates. Awareness of my own body, post baby, was what led me to my first Pilates class. A challenging pregnancy, many months of bedrest, and a ceserean section created a monumental amount of weakness and imbalance from head to toe. I knew that patience and believe it or not “smart” training was going to be the most effective program for me–plus, I had a new baby to go along with this new (and not so improved) body. I didn’t have hours to spend at a gym. And so began–my passion for Pilates. One session a week soon led to two—the roll-up was my nemesis! But I was not giving up! How ridiculous and defeated I felt trying to engage muscles that I knew were there (I sweare I had them before baby)–but could not seem to find right away. It took time, patience and determination and many sessions of mind/body training soon led to my newfound strength and endurance. I was a perfect example of the effectiveness of Pilates and I was now determined to further my education and dedicate my personal training practice to Pilates.

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