Happy New Year!
This year on New Year’s Eve, I took a private moment to reflect. I am a wife and mom first, but this private moment was purely about my identity as a Pilates instructor. 2011 was a monumental year for me

  • I completed my BASI training (where I met some of the most amazing, intelligent and gifted women (most of them shown above)–and was challenged beyond body, mind and spirit–and somehow came out stronger in both mind and body)
  •  I applied for my first LLC and MLB Pilates was born–my passion was now my private practice
  • I have my first website–thank you Gabe Harris for creating this for MLB Pilates
  •  I traveled to California for my first Pilates Method Alliance Conference, where I met Rael Isacowitz (centered among all of us above), Mary Bowen , and an amazingly long list of leaders in the Pilates field, and just since the fall of 2011
  • I have met amazing Moms who creatively rearrange their schedules for Pilates…that I teach…me–I am honored. 2011 was a great year, at least from my perspective as a Pilates instructor.

How in the world do I even begin to top a year like that??? Hmmmm….Joseph Pilates…give me one more of your principles–I’ll take….Concentration!

It may sound silly, but I often turn to Joseph’s ten principles when I feel “stuck”…and why not??? They just make so much sense (Awareness, Balance, Control, Efficiency, Precision, Breath, Concentration, Center, Flow, Harmony). Yes, Joseph was considering these principles for his Pilates instruction, but he also acknowledged the power of applying them to your daily life–genius!

Concentration can be defined as, the action or power of focusing one’s attention or mental effort. You can achieve anything with focus and attention. The toughest obstacle for New Year’s resolutions…distraction! This year…I almost made a checklist of possible distractions along with my resolutions…I fear those sneaky distractions even the little ones. It is much more work to overcome them, than to continue on your merry way toward your goal. This year, I used my reflection of last year to pull out my weapon against distraction—my concentration. Once I have it…look out!!! I won’t really let much get in my way—but life happens and that is what challenges me the most…those unexpected road bumps.

So, to those road bumps filled with distraction in 2012–I say bring it!!! This Pilates Mama is loaded with Joseph Pilates’ ten power packed principles and she is applying them to much more than just her Pilates practice–Pilates Mama’s number one secret weapon—CONCENTRATION (aka FOCUS)!

I wish you a happy 2012 and I hope that if you made a resolution that you are able to focus on not allowing any distractions interfere with your journey to success this year! Happy New Year!!!!

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