Back to school–back in the groove–back to schedules and routines. What a wonderful time to implement fitness back into your routine or take it up a knotch. This is my plan–and now it is time to organize! With Mommy tasks and roles on the rise with each grade level, organizing time for “me” to stay well and balanced is important, but tricky. It is time to “think” and brainstorm an efficient plan!

Joseph Pilates was an amazing thinker and I believe it is safe to say that he was a time management guru! One of ten principals listed in his publishings is “efficiency”. Oh yes—Efficiency the definition in general describes the extent to which time or effort is well used for the intended task or purpose. I love it! I believe I grew up in a household based on efficiency…and I thank my Mom for that. She maintained organization of our home, our “things” and most importantly our time. I have modeled my parenting and my “task mastering” after her amazing organizational skills–there really isn’t much she could never do or handle–and I truly thank her for bestowing that amazing gift upon me–one thing I feel very confident about sharing–give me a job and then add another–I can handle it! How can this influence be translated into Pilates language?

First of all, as Moms and movers our time is precious. We are the master’s of juggling our time and typically family comes first, work and then whatever is leftover is all yours (which may not be much and sadly we may let cleaning, laundry or grocery runs trump our fitness program). So now that you have found a pocket of time…what in the world do you do with it? Consider Pilates!

Using our time wisely is crucial–wasting our time on ineffecient exercise is not an option. Allowing our minds to be engaged throughout an exercise and paying attention to each articulation of the spine etc. allows us to move throughout our exercises with..EFFICIENCY! Understanding and respecting body mechanics and proper movement is vital and Pilates (especially BASI Pilates) pays attention to these extremely important details. Proper cueing and/or using props or equipment to assist, modify or progress an exercise also help with keeping the body moving with true efficiency. My goal as an instructor is to create an efficient program using a balanced body system. Organizing a group of exercises to encourage awareness, create balance, and focus on control is my role as a BASI instructor.

As a Mom, these principals tend to overflow into my daily life–down to cooking dinner and the organization of the refridgerator or pantry. It all goes back to my Mom and her amazing ability to stay organized and keep us moving without skipping a beat. One thing I have experienced first hand is that efficiency creates harmony…and there is nothing better than a happy home! Now…to just stay on schedule! Happy Back to School Moms!

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