Precision–Another principal of Joseph Pilates. Precision can be defined as the state or quality of being carefully distinct. As a Pilates instructor, my eyes are continually looking for precise articulation of the spine, the precise fluidity of limbs, the precise alignment of the shoulders, the pelvis, the knees, the entire body etc. Precision takes practice and is challenged by muscular imbalances and weaknesses–which we will have as athletes, fit gurus, weekly warriors or newbies to the fitness world. Consider yourself normal if you fall into a category of being “imbalanced” physically–it’s a very popular club to be a part of (can you catch my imbalance in the picture to the left?) Now, how do you find your balance? How do you acheive precision?

Precision should be met with a great amount of patience. We so often, want things to happen with our bodies immediately (the magic pill concept) stronger abs now, firmer thighs today, sculpted arms fast and I will be the first to share from experience…the great things don’t happen overnight! So often, discouragement happens before a positive result can occur–we need to be patient with our bodies. The body is an incredible machine that requires a great deal of maintenance (especially as we age with grace), we need to fine tune our fitness (cardio and conditioning) and make each moment count. As a Mom and Pilates instructor, trust me, I have had to make the most of every moment–I just don’t have the “extra” time for fitness that does not have meaningful purpose and specific benefits based on “my” needs.

Seeking more information in regards to the anatomy/kinesiology of Pilates, I found BASI. The BASI Block System of Pilates training is a very precise and personalized method of instruction–a method of full body conditioning. Along with this precise method of instruction, comes a level of high expectation of teacher training. BASI instructor’s earn their certification by dedicating their minds and body (and a great deal of time) to this method–and learning and practicing to have the “eyes” to look for precise movement of the body. Earning my certificate was one of the most mental and physical challenges I have had to date–but one that gives me great pride to have accomplished.

I am honored to be a BASI Certified Instructor, but mostly, I stand behind the method. I truly believe in this approach and I am continually in awe of the intense scientific research and study that takes place continually to improve and enhance BASI instruction. Precision in regards to Pilates is an achievement…a well earned achievement. The amount of work that you do to practice your precise movements…I promise you will help you reach your goals. Patience will need to be practiced as well…all good things come to those who wait…and fortunately with the BASI method of Pilates waiting may not be as long as you would think. You’ll get out of it…what you put into it! Now, off to practice!

To learn more about BASI Instructor training go to:
If you are in the Northern Virginia area and you are interested in teacher training, I highly recommend contacting Carrie Smith of Balanced Bodies Studio in Herndon, Virginia. All of the instructors there are top knotch—it is a phenominal studio and an amazing place to learn.

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